Legal Translation Service

Recently a new law was enacted in Qatar to preserve the use of the official language of Arabic, in a country where increasingly the most commonly used language used is English, amongst the business sector and the significant expatriate community.

Depending on your purposes in moving to Qatar, we will be able to provide attested translations of your educational qualifications if you are planning to attend an educational institution or pursue a training course, or even if you need confirmation of your educational status for your police clearance certificate. If you are in a scientific, technological or medical field, you may need translations of research papers for your work, or for publication. Or perhaps you need medical records translated for arranging insurance, or settling a claim. Our service also covers translations in the fields of commerce, travel and tourism, and media and publishing.

However, this doesn’t need to be a problem: we offer translations below.

1.   Arabic to English
2.   English to Arabic