P.R.O. Service

Once the company is formed, continuous Govt Liaison services are required. Alif Service Center continues to assist their companies P.R.O. requirements by being their registered corporate P.R.O. service provider. This means that Alif can operate as the new company’s registered service provider for P.R.O. services where they represent your company in a Legal manner.

1.   CR & License Renewal Computer card Renewal

The renewal process is necessary for businesses to hold onto their operating license. It must be noted that not getting the company registration renewed might the land the business owners into trouble and delaying it for too long might get the business license cancelled forever.

You can completely depend on us. Handing over the company details to us and leave the rest to us. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our outstanding performance when it comes to company registration and registration renewal Qatar.

2.   Document Clearance

We are specialized in expediting the clearing of documents with various Government Ministries (Immigration, Labor, Traffic, and Ministry of Commerce etc.) and other entities in Qatar.

3.   Chamber & MOFA Attestation

MOFA or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is the final process of certificate attestation after HRD, MEA and Embassy attestation. Every country has their own ministry for foreign affairs attestation. These ministry of foreign affairs deals with the matters of foreign policy, international relation with other countries etc. MOFA attestation is required to prove the authenticity of the documents submitted by you to the officials.
Alif Service Center offers the best and low cost MOFA attestation services for anyone who wishes to travel abroad for higher studies or employment opportunities. You can submit the documents at any of our office.

4.   Labour Contract Attestation

There are three copies to an employees contract that gets submitted to the Labour Office. The Labour Office attests all the three copies. One copy is kept by them, the second copy is for the employer while the third copy is for the employee.
We undertake the Labour Contract Attestation as well.

5.   Assistance of all government & Semi Government works

Alif Service Center offer PRO services Qatar on an annualized or project basis for the companies. It is the best PRO company which offers specialized service in immigration, municipality, labor and foreign affairs and different departments. By hiring our service, companies can easily save their money, time and energy. We provide corporate prices for annual PRO services.
We at Alif Service Center also offer corporate business solutions Qatar and help customers in processing document and clearing solutions for all kinds of companies in Qatar.

6.   English, Arabic and Malayalam Typing

We believes that quality is born by combining experience to knowledge. So we provide the best high quality services that an organization may need. Let us help you achieve you goals through our highly-experienced staff assuring you that.
We prepare and type all sort of Immigration papers for the Ministry of Qatar and foreign embassies.

7.   All Embassy Service

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8.   Track mark Registration

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9.   Baladiya Approval

we will arrange tenancy contract with baladiya attestation for legal needs please contact us.