Attestation Service

Alif Service Center is the outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions Qatar. The company manages administrative and non-judgemental tasks related to visa, passport, identity management and other citizen services for its client governments enabling them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment. We accept documents from individuals and representatives for Ministry of External Affairs, and Embassy of Qatar to provide a quick and 100% genuine attestation / apostille service.

1.   Degree Certificate Attestation

Qatar embassy attestation required for those who wish to go to that country for job purpose. Embassy attestation required to get the resident permit from Qatar. Certificate attestation has to be done according to the guidelines given by the Qatar or Qatar MOFA. Your documents or attestation process done on the documents may be rejected by the authorities of MOFA Qatar, if you did not complete the attestation or authentication process according to the guidelines given by the Qatar Government. This authentication process required to prove the genuineness of the documents submitted by you before the authorities. The documents provided by you have to be attested by the Qatar embassy of the country, where it issued to prove the authenticity of it.

When you apply for the visa of any country, it is a prerequisite to submit documents for verification. The country for which you are applying for visa needs to know the authenticity of the submitted documents; therefore, they require you to attest your documents from their respective embassies in your home country. In case of the absence of an embassy in your country, you shall approach the nearest consulate of that country.

2.   Marriage Certificate Attestation

Attestations of marriage certificate in Qatar have been brought by the government of Qatar for the family visa procedure. There are different steps to meet Marriage certificate in Qatar term. Marriage certificate attestation process is not that easy as it requires clear assistance from the outsourcing company. Notary attestation, HRD attestation, MEA attestation and finally Embassy attestation are steps to meet the marriage certificate attestation service in Qatar. You will get a marriage certificate from the local Panchayat or Municipalities after your marriage. Within the given time you have to apply for marriage certificate. If you are seeking family visa to Qatar should be aware about the process of Indian marriage certificate attestation for Qatar.

3.   Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation should be possible from the issued nation of the certificate. In birth declaration confirmation, initial step is Notary attestation. It is obligatorily require. There are two kinds of Notary attestation. They are District public accountant and state verification of birth certificates. After getting state Notary authentication at that point apply for individual home office attestation. In Kerala it is known as Norka attestation. Then apply for MEA. Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) ought to verify every one of the reports issued in any state in India before submitting concerned Embassy. After MEA verification at that point apply for separate government office where the contender to movement. Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar is compulsory for many activities.

4.   Salary Certificate Attestation

An evidence granted by the organization to proclaim the employment of a person in the organization with full details of position, salary, employment period, and duties are known as salary certificate. In case of a crisis situation or personal matter, an institution can order for salary certificate and it is specified regarding a loan application to the bank. For any purposes of the bank, the employee has the ability to release the information entailing salary earnings, deductions and other requirements. This same information will be provided except for other reasons.

Qatar requires attestation for all your certificates to prove that your certificates are genuine. The xerox copy and original certificate should be submitted for verification and also stamp or sign are required in the specific area of the document. Along with visa, you should be ready with the attestation of required documents if you are planning to migrate Qatar for job purposes.

Alif Service Center specializes in document attestation from different Departments and Ministries. Moreover, our PRO services & attestation services are recognized and approved by government, semi government departments as well as the private sector of the state of Qatar.

We focus on customer satisfaction at the most competitive price and in the shortest time possible. This single-minded approach to service has made us the top HRD, Attestation and Apostille stamping company in Qatar with the largest customer base.

We make it easy to not just call our customer care executives but to also speak to them in the language that you are most comfortable with.